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Complaint: This is in reference to a need to update and enforce the parental obligation regarding past due child support, and the failure of the County of Yolo, and the State of California to enforce the Constitutional Laws, set forth by the Constitution of the State of California, and the United States Constitution as well. Reference website: www.childsup.ca.gov/Portals/0/resources/docs/policy/css/2002/css02-04.pdf This policy is not only outdated, (2002) but is a disappointment, and a tragedy for all single mothers in that United States that have been wronged, neglected, and ignored by the Department of Child Support Services for the State of California. It is a slap in the face for every single mother who has been denied our God given parental rights, and denied the due process owed to us by the State of California ordered Child Support obligation for the care of our children. It should not matter if the monies are past due, or current, we should be entitled to our due process of law as promised to us by the judicial system of the United States Constitution, and California State officials. Case in point: In 1984 I entered into a divorce proceeding from my ex-husband Mr X. At the time I was a single working mother living in West Sacramento, Ca. Mr. X was ordered to pay me $681.00 per month based on his 1984 wages, plus additional monies in spousal support. I personally asked the judge to reduce the payment to $200.00 per child, and refused the additional monies for spousal support, as I felt that Mr. Wippler, would be honorable in his intentions to provide and support his children. That was my first mistake, the second was to believe that Mr. X would honor his child support obligations, the third was thinking that the State of California, would follow their obligations and enforce the court order. As we were leaving the court, Mr. X approached me and told me in a threatening manner that, “You’ll never receive a dime from me B—!”” The next day he promptly walked into his place of employment

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Phone: and proceeded to collect monies “”under the table for work

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