Yadira Alvarez – Desert Hot Springs, California California


This bitch is obessed with me. She is the ex girlfriend to my babys father.  She is so bitter that she has threaten the baby saying she would kill it if she ever got the chance .she hopes me or the baby dies.  She stalks my Facebook my house .she honks her horn in the ally at 3am for hours.  She called the cops and said my babys father hit her and they came and arrested him… even though it was a lie. She has made 9 facebook accounts and harasses me on them i block her she just makes a new one. She torment me. Yadira Alvarez pretended to be my baby fathers mom and texted me trying to convince me to get an abortion. || She even texted me pretending to be my babys dad. Even after he was in jail. Oh and he got sentence to 7 months and missed the birth of his first child and daughter. She just wont stop. He left her for me. Shes a homewrecker due to the fact that hes happy im happy weir starting a family and she is so bitter that she is doing any and everything to destroy it.

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