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We were lured to their sales presentation on the promise of free airfare for two and four nights in any Marriot Hotel. This was values at $1500. We also drove nearly 100 miles and spent half a day to attend the presentation, which was described as a travel agency that wanted to demonstrate how they could save us money on travel. We agreed to purchase the service on June 26, 2014 based exclusively on the quote we were given for a rental car we needed in Maui starting on July 3rd. I already had an agreement for a rental car at a cost of $940.00 but the quote they gave me was for $720, more than $200 less. I asked if that was consistent and was told yes, they can always save us money on rental cars. We signed the agreement based on that information. On Friday June 27 I called Where My Dreams Come True to confirm the reservation based on the quote we received. They quoted about the same amount over the phone ($721.60) as what we were told at the sales presentation so I went ahead and booked it. When I received the confirmation email later that day the cost of the reservation was shown as $720.60 on the first page, but on the second page it said that the estimated vehicle taxes and fees in the amount of $140.08 will be paid at the time of pick up. This was different than the quote provided which clearly states that taxes are included, and it’s different than what we were told at the sale presentation where I was also assured that the quote included all taxes and fees. I immediately called them on this. I was told by someone at Where My Dreams Come True, I think Lynn, that she thought since it was their mistake they might be able to pay the $140.08 difference. I was told they’d let me know by Monday June 29 by 11 AM if they could do that. I didn’t hear back from them by then so I cancelled the service following the procedures outlined in the agreement at about 11:10 Am on Monday June 29. In Compliance accepted our cancellation. Later that day my wife got a call from Where My Dreams Come True telling us we couldn’t cancel because we had used the service. They told her they would pay the $140.08 but that was all they would do. I learned of this late Monday after they were closed. I called them back on Tuesday June 30 and tried to explain why I didn’t want the service and I wanted to cancel. I argued that I had purchased the service in good faith based on the information given to me at a sales presentation and later confirmed by Where My Dreams Come True, but that information turned out to be inaccurate. I argued that I hadn’t used the service because I hadn’t completed the car rental agreement and that the pricing they gave us was inaccurate and not what we were told at the sales presentation. The person I was talking to, Lynn I think, said I had no choice but to withdraw my cancellation because I had used the service. I felt I was coerced into withdrawing my cancellation but I didn’t feel like I had any choice and I didn’t want to argue further because we were leaving on vacation on July 3. We left feeling cheated but hopeful that maybe things would work out since we still saved a little over $80 on the rental if the price we now had was accurate. When I picked up the car at Budget on July 3 I was actually charged $222.54 more than the original quote of $721.60 for a total of $943.14. The price I had to pay for the rental car using Where My Dreams Come True is now higher than the one I had reserved originally. I decided not to try and get a different rental car from another agency while my wife and son were waiting for me at the airport. I accepted the higher price. I emailed Where My Dreams Come True telling them what happened and why I am not happy with their service, and why I think they should honor our desire to cancel the service. I didn’t get any response from Where My Dreams Come True. When I got home from vacation I called them and was again told they would not refund our $2500 because we had used the service, but they had reduced our credit card charge by $140.08. I checked and indeed the total our credit card was charged was $2359.92 instead of $2500, a difference of $140.33. (I don’t know why the refund was slightly different and they never did make good on the $82.46 over charge.) I made it clear during our phone conversation that I still wanted to cancel the agreement and receive a refund for the remaining $2359.92. We would still be out the $1500 in travel they promised and our day spent attending the presentation. Since then I have asked for quotes on rental cars and lodging from Where My Dreams Come True and I have always found a better price than the ones provided by Where My Dreams Come True. It’s been over eight months and we have never had a reason to use this service based on their promise of lower prices. This is so far out of line with what we were sold that I feel it’s nothing more than a con. I’ve read the other complaints on this site and I see that this method of doing business is not an isolated one.

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