WestBow Press Complaint


Brian Fox of Westbow Press contacted me about publishing my copyright book, INSTANT CHANGE. I told him the content of my book and he pointed out it would be great fit for Westbow press. I spoke with Mr. Fox for several months before coming to an agreement. On December 12, 2018, we came to an agreement to get the book published for $844.30. I make a down payment of $331.84. The difference was paid in January and February respectively. The company gave me an author”s project number (789351) and contact person, Mr. J Anderson. Ms. Lee called and left a message for me sometime early February, stating that my book was not the kind suited to be published by Westbow press. She recommended some other press to publish my book. I told her I was not interesting because that was not what we agreed upon. I was very disappointed and requested all my money back in my account. The Westbow cancelled after canceling the agreement, returned $369.30 (256.43/112.87) to my account. Effectively stating, $474.70 is the cost for looking and turning down my book. This is very deceptive and wrong. I need all of my money back. Contact number [protected].

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