Wendys Phoenix Arizona


Complaint: I went to the drive thru at Wendys and odrered a great biggie drink. The drive thru menu had a single line that read: Medium $1.29 Biggie 1.49 Great Biggie 1.79 Fortunately, there was a display which showed me the exact price they were trying to charge me. The sign showed 1.79 for the drink, and then they pushed the button to charge 79 cents, which is the price to upgrade an entire meal to great biggie size, whereas I was just getting a drink. I wasn’t upsizing anything. I asked what that was for, and the person flat out told me that I was wrong and that the great biggie drink was $2.58, no matter what the sign said. I went inside the store, and pointed to the menu inside, which said that a Great Biggie drink was 1.89, which didn’t even match the sign outside. I argued with them for three minutes and there wasn’t a single person in the whole store who could tell me why they would charge 79 cents more than the signs said they did. I finally left without any drink at all. I’m convinced that the people at this store either don’t know how to use thier own registers or that they were straight up trying to rip me off. They have no customer service skills, and they hardly speak English. Do not eat at this store. Patrick Phoenix, ArizonaU.S.A.

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Address: 4302 W. OLIVE Phoenix, Arizona U.S.A.



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