Weilbacher Landscaping and Pools Smithton Illinois Review


If there was a negative rating that is what I would have selected for this company. My review is on an in ground fiberglass pool install. I will stick to facts and let you make your own choice. 1) Concrete not only looked terrible cosmetically but slopped into the pool by about 3+ inches on one end and still slopped into pool over about 1/2 of the pool length. 2) Pool was out of level by 3+ inches and the National Pool Association says it should be no more than 1. 3) Pool plumbing pipes was put in concrete which means you could never get to a pipe without busting out all the concrete around it. 4) Poured concrete up and over my siding which means over time causes a trap of moisture and would cause mold and rot. 5) Installed a pool drain underneath the deck in which is useless to draining any water away from pool. 6) Used dry wall screws to put on the cover of a drain in which means it stripped the screw area. 7) Did not use a bonding grid under the concrete that protects my family from getting electrocuted. 8) I received a used hose to clean my pool when I paid for a new one. The hose was all black on the end and a possible crack because we don’t get a good suction. We did at first get a new one but when complained it did not reach the length of my pool that is what he replaced it with. 9) Pool cover was also a used cover. This is a huge investment and I thought I did my research. Keep in mind if the company has no reviews don’t take that as a good thing. This can also be very misleading for us consumers. His customer service was the worst I have ever received in my lifetime. I will give you just a few statements: I knew you were the type of person that never paid your bills, caulked skimmer pay up, you will get pool equipment back when full payment received, skimmer done time to pay bill, Nit picking everything to avoid payment. This is just a small sample of the rudeness. Mind you this job was never complete and very threatening to pay up. He asked to be paid multiple times and refused to clean concrete out of pool until he was. Said he would come back if I gave him check and I could deduct cover even though it was not in or any of install complete. This was a huge investment and I wish I would have found a review like this to save me from the stress, additional costs and the compromise of my shell warranty because it clearly says if not installed correctly the company will not stand behind the warranty. Check your pool level if you have had one installed because this gives the fiberglass shell company an out if it is not. Depending on how much out of level can cause a torque pressure and over time crack the shell.

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