Walmart #3837 machesney park Illinois Review


I Was hired by Walmart supercenter as a temp position for set up..was hired for days, told them I wanted on nights because it payed more money,they moved me to nights. nI went online at walmart and checked my pay stub, it showed they had only payed me the day rate of pay,I stayed after work and complained to personnel they said because it was my choice to move from days to nights. nThey said I wasn’t entitled to that night pay,and even though it was several days before I was to get payed they never payed me that night rate, and made it right. I feel like I was ripped off by this company. I reminded them that I told them the night pay increase was the reason I wanted on nights,everyone else with the exception of one other person who also went from days to nights was getting the night pay for doing the same job,because of the attitude of the personnel office I decided that would be the last day working there. Upon receiving my last paycheck which would have been for one day,I noticed they only payed me for 6.45 hours of work,even though I was there for a complete 8 hours.This was the night I stayed to complain to personnel about not getting night pay,so they knew I was there for that entire 8 hours.Because of the commotion with personnel I forgot to punch out,and on my way home I called and talked to my set up manager and told her what had happen so they knew.

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