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Complaint: I was introduced to this company by a assiociate of mine. He sent my resume up the chain and I was given an offer of employment for a job I had no knowledge or experience to do. After talking via email to the hiring manager aka Michael Demoore I was met with a rude comments of either take the job or don’t more or less. I was puzzled why I recieved such a hostile response. I then went to the company web site and found jobs which I would have more expereience doing and offered that to the hiring manager. I never recieved any replys. So I just accpected the one offer, which turned out to be a huge mistake. From the start they lowballed me on salary, second the housing is located overseas in Riyadh Saudi Arabia. The pictures displayed are the old housing area which consisted of Villas, and a more safer environment. However when I got there I was put in a 5 story building with only three rooms shared with another guy. The bathroom were so small I could stand in one spot and perform all basic hygiene, to include taking a dump. While improcessing it was basically if you don’t like it leave, they count on that because to mobilize to go to Saudi Arabia you have to quit your stateside job, and if you quit and go back you will be out of work looking for employment. This is their winning point. The vehicles we were given to maintain are from the years of 1996, some vehicles are new but they only go to certain people. The place is very derilect due to a major bombing that occured therein 2003. Actually the movie the Kingdom with Jamie Fox and Jennifer Gardener played in it. Same place. Even while in the states I felt uncomfortable, at my physical I was failed for a spot on my chest CT scan and was told to see my private physican. Upon recieveing a full MRI/CT scan the doctor found nothing and it was actually a piece of fuzz on the XRay. Recently the Saudia Arabia King granted support employeee, and citzens two month salary bonus. We support the Saudi national guard so we are entitled to it also, but Vinnell kept our money only paying the Saudi employees theirs. At work a majority of the workers are arab, with only 400 US national. Out of that 400, 360 are senior citizens near the ages 56-72. This is a big problem because these old dudes don’t want to pull thier load and rely on younger guys to work. The worst thing is that its actually accepted by the management. I could go on and on, but take my word, stay clear of this place. Its like a retirement home. If you are under 40 years of age find something else.

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