Victoria Tear – Riverside, California California


Last September, I found out my husband had a”friend” I saw the receipts to the gift cards sent her and called him out on it. He said she is just a friend, I say why would you put in the memo, xoxo, I miss you. He said he was being nice to a friend. Why would you hide a friend, no comment. He would text her all the time, I asked he not do that, it made me uncomfortable because you hid her from me. She also knew he was married with a son. I looked her up and emailed her, to please stop with my husband, to no avail. he is equally responsible for this. He said he would not contact her anymore, I believed him and even forgave him, until I found out he had lied. He has sent her money, while she was locked up for a DUI, in banning Ca,. put money on her book, paid for phone calls, all the while getting mad at me if I used the ATM. We have been living in separate rooms since. it has gotten bad, I have sent her pm’s, to ask her to stop and told her he didn’t tell me about her, she said sorry but continues to talk to him. she is also 39, he is 61. I told him, she is a whore, she is just nice to you because you pay for it. I know he doesn’t have sex, he cant get it up, even with a pill sometimes. || My world has turned upside down because of them, sad thing is, my son has seen this. she is no good, has no morals or standards. I have gotten to the point, to where I said he can have her, just make sure you take care of your responsibilities to this family first. Not only all this, but I found out he put a photo up on Craig’s list, responding to an ad and asking if she liked older men. Made my stomach turn and I called him a pervert. I have lost all respect for him, there is none left and there is not getting it back either, sad thing is, we have to live tighter, cant afford a divorce because, thanks to him, we have to file a bk. on top of that, he hasn’t made the mortgage or car payments, but managed to put his whore up in a motel for a couple days, then again 2 weeks later. This mess is still ongoing, so I said, we will live separately and if I go out, do not get mad. not that I will date, I take my vows seriously and have more class than that, along with morals and standards.

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