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Complaint: Hi to anyone dealing with donu2019t they are a fraud! I was in a hurry trying to get hold of a file for a uni deadline, usually I do my googling with things like this but just rushed this time. The company makes it appear as if you are signing up for a free trial which will then be charged at 8.33 euros / month if you forget to cancel. Actually the charge you the full yearly fee straight up nowhere do you agree to pay a $99 dollar transaction in one hit. It may be hidden somewhere deep inside the fine print, but the information on the payment page and even the faq is very misleading and unclear, and make it sound like itu2019s 8.33 euros / month. If you have already been RIPPED OFF by DO NOT LET THE FINE PRINT DETER YOU FROM DISPUTING THIS CHARGE. This company is clearly trying their best to mislead and trick customers, and even if the $99 fine is hidden somewhere in the ten pages long fine print this is just not good enough u2013 as a consumer you should not have to conduct and FBI investigation for what appears to be a small 8.33 euro transaction. This company do not deserve your money, so contact your bank and dispute the charge if you can! It is no point to contacting them, I used the form four times no reply, I tried two email addresses ([email protected] and [email protected]) supposedly posted by their customer service team on other complaints pages (more likely bots as itu2019s always the same generic message posted as an answer to all problems) and both emails bounce. According to other people with problems the cancel button doesnu2019t work and you canu2019t phone them either you just end up in a never ending loop where you donu2019t get to talk to anyone, and no problem is dealt with! So unless you want to waste stress and money on international calls itu2019s probably easier dealing with PayPal or your credit card provider. I have seen posts of PayPal refunding this so I repeat do not be deterred by the fine print; you do not want nasty un-ethical people like this to have your money or credit card details. To top it off the software shows up as malware / virus, and I couldnu2019t even get the file that the search showed up they had on their servers. So basically they give you a shitty service a virus and charge you 99 euros for it while laughing at you! USENET.NL = ROTTEN EGGS!

Tags: Internet Fraud

Address: Internet USA



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