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It started with getting a post card promising my wife and I a cruise. We called booked the tour, after being told it wasn’t timeshare. We were told it is a great way to save money on travel. n1. We walk in and are interrogated by a young lady at a desk, Asking us for Credit cards and Drivers License, how much we made a year and what we did for a living. n2. A travel consultant as they called her came and took us to a table in the next room. We were interrogated again by this lady about the way we travel. This lasted for about 10 to 15 min. n3. A tall kind of fat Spanish man named Carlos cal in and gave a very Cheese sales pitch about the company. He started by saying Universal vacation network was a distributor for Travel to Go. Then told us about all the saving we would have because the company buys everything in bulk like, Sam’s club or BJ’s. nHe said we would save on every kind of travel we want to do because of them having 50,000 members and being able to buy so many things in bulk.nHe said it like a Hershey bar is made for 3 cents and sold for a lot more. n4. We were big suckers and did the 20th anniversary package for $6,995 they gave us $1,000 dollars off in the power point then dropped another $1,000nplus gave us 3 trips if we signed up today.WE FELL FOR IT AND NOW WE CAN’T GET OUR MONEY BACK.THEY DIDN’T GIVE USE THE PASSWORD TO GO ON THE WEBSITE TILL 5 DAYS LATER. WHEN WE FINALLY WERE GIVEN ACCESS TO THE WEBSITE AND SAW IT WAS ALL LIES, IT WAS TO LATE TO GET OUR MONEY BACK. YOU SEE CAN’T CANCEL AFTER 3 DAYS THAT’S FLORIDA LAW. NOW WE ARE DEALING WITH OUR CREDIT CARD COMPANY AND THEY ARE NOT HELPING. nIf this helps just one person.I just can’t believe that we were that big of suckers and that there are still people RIPPING other people off with what’s going on in the world. When every penny we make counts.You can’t trust anyone or anything! At least with a timeshare we are guaranteed a vacation for our family every year… nYour Friend nDavid the SUCKER nDavidnkissimmee, FloridaU.S.A.

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