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Complaint: On November 22, 2002, I rented a Ford Focus from the above location. I paid $300.00 in Money Order Form and $400.00 cash money for a one month rental. It was my understanding that when I returned on December 22, 2002, I would have a balance due of $300.00. This did not include a $200.00 cash deposit that they were holding for me. I returned to U-Save Auto Rental on December 27, 2002, to pay my $300.00, renew my contract and enjoy my weekend. Much to my dismay I was informed I was on a contract that was issued on November 1, 2002, with mileage out of 38569 and ,mileage in of 39000( the car by the way has over 40,000 miles). To make this so interesting, the contract does not have any signatures on it. It is quite amazing to me how a car can NOT be picked up until November 22, but has an out date of November 1, 2002. The keys were also taken from me and I was left with out a ride home especially since I am divorced and have a 15 year old who does not have license. If it were not for me begging and pleading at 6:00pm I would have been left in the cold. A generous employee by the way who had only been employed for 2 days did take me home. I was left stranded with no transportation and a rental bill they stated I never paid. This company very much needs to be investigated. How can a rental contract be valid with no Signatures??????? Teresa Palm Harbor, FloridaU.S.A.

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Address: 30135 US Hwy. 19 N Palm Harbor, Florida U.S.A.


Phone: 727-771-0901

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