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I Was Contacted by mail with a post card, just like the one’s you have to buy from his company, The Ty Hall Group, well then you have to buy a stamper to stamp your ID Code on the back of each post card you mail out, you also have to buy a Mailing List Of Names, it’s called a hot list well it was just part of the rip off scam he had going, I do know I got suckered into the scam back in 1995 just see how long he has been out there ripping people off from there very hard working money that they bust there butts for every single day, I ened up sending him around $1,000 for the post cards, the hot list mailing list, then I had to buy the postage stamps, so I could mail the post cards off, to all types of businesses that used a check as payment from there renters or places like a doctor’s office – any place that handle money or always has bad checks given to them , But I also had to buy a red stamp with red ink pad to stamp my AD ID CODE: to the back of each card, so that was more money going into his great big bank accout from suckers like me and so copuntless others, I could keep writting about this so called business man needs to be placed behind bars for taking or moreless stealing people that work hard every day, and buy these big fancy houses boats, airplanes all cars , and even on women. if someone wants to file a CLASS ACTION LAW SUIT – COUNT ME IN…. . I Lost Several $100’s Of Dollars and other items out of my life. please let me know if someone wants to do anything about this RIP-OFF CASE. Towards TY HALL POWER CHECK SOFTWARE.

POWER CHECK SOFTWARE- P.O. Box 6 Galena, Illinois USA



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