True Care Advantage Complaint


About a month ago or a little longer a lady called me asking about the program they had on discount Insurance. I had taken this out back 2006, they billed me for about 1 yr, they sent me a card or anything. I told her when she called I was no longer interested and I was going to a divorce and this account was frozen. I told the lady that after I got my own account I would call if I was interested in taking out the program again. Well I got on my checking account to find out they took 13 payments of 19.95 out of my account after I told her NOT too. 11 payments where taken out on 3-9-09 another 1 on 3-10-09 and 1 more on 3-25-09. I called the company and she said that she would credit the one on 3-25-09 but couldn’t do the others until she reviewed the voice call. I told her I did not give permission and I want my money back in my account. She told me it would take 3-5 days to review the phone tapes before she could credit the money back in my account. I told her they had no right to take it out in the first place. I am so mad, I can not believe companies can just take your money without permission.

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