Tracy Starr Mclintosh – Tonawanda, New York New York


This woman befriended my husband and started sleeping with him. She totally ruined my marriage and she still has her husband because she has hidden this from him for years. She was in a four year relationship. I found out when I found her with my husband in bed they have been to several hotels. As I’m fighting to reconcile with my husband she gets the freedom to have no worries about saving her marriage because her husband has no clue that she has ever slept with my husband. She even had the nerve to press charges on me for harassment because I called her to simply find out if she has slept with him but no need to find out now he confessed in therapy today. So just picture this woman with your husband… But I know what comes around goes around and she will forever have her karma soon. She just needs to stay in her lane and believe me she will not ever get to my husband again. Trust me.. so ladies be aware she got her husband by cheating with him and he left his first wife so this is her pattern to sleep with other women’s husbands then ask them to leave their wives and then she tries to marry them. She is simply a home wrecker.

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