TMC Restoraction Toronto Ontario Review


TMC Restoration lied and used high pressure tactics to get the contract. We had specific instructions for them to follow which were as follows:1.Table to be stable2. keep the knots and burn marks as much as humanely possible to keep the rustic look3. cut and repair the end pieces 4. replace missing peg wedges 5. replaceremove metal bracketsDuring the several months they had the table, we had placed several calls to them that were not returned. They finally called us trying to get more money out of us to make the table stable, which we told them we were not going to be extorted and that the table had better be stable when we got it. It wasn’t.The only thing they did correctly was to remove the metal brackets. They ruined the table. They took out ALL the nicks and dents and burns completely, and sanded the top of the table to much they left it lumpy. The table is unstable. They did not put in wedges as requested. They also sanded the bottom of the table top, but did not stain it, so it looks horrible. The table leans down at one corner. The end pieces are attached badly and are extremely rough.They did not even read the instructions, which they admitted. They admitted also that they did a terrible job. Often, they do not return phone calls. I had to chase them for months to get them to respond to me. I do not want them to take the table back to fix it, since I do not trust them, they didn’t follow the original instructions, and they don’t return calls. They refuse to refund my money.It is my opinion they are extremely unethical, and their work ethic is seriously lacking. I would NEVER hire this company again.

3 Brewster Rd. #5 Brampton, Ontario United States of America


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