time 2 get away network san bernardino California Review


I paid $300 for this trip, tried to get the itenerary from them from 9am to 7pm sending email requests, they sent it by email after 9pm booking the hotel through bid.com and never actually paying for it. called the hotel in the morning and the booking was cancelled, called & emailed the company and no response. they call me back after 2 weeks looking for an additional $75 not realizing they had allready ripped me off. and their excuse is that i did not call the hotel before midnight after receiving the itenerary after 9pm so it was cancelled. of course no where in any of the documentation does it state that you have to call the hotel by midnight, but it is obvious that these people are in the business of ripping people off and they do this through a number of businesses. they got me for my $300 and its obvious that they are doing this to thousands of people. LAS VEGAS Nevada

600 3rd st LAS VEGAS, Nevada USA




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