This clinic should be shut done!


If you are looking for dentist urgently, Just read  following my experience. Kinda nightmare I’ve never had this experience in my New York Life… I went there since my tooth became loose. I actually had an appointment with gum specialist in 2 month (they just available that schedule)But I need an urgent care and walk in the emergency room… so here is fact. They suggested  2 choice ” cleaning gum pocket ” or ” extraction”  so I decided tell them  to the way ” cleaning”  …So A dentist aka Student tried to clean my teeth but She couldn’t clean my gum pocket, seemed like never experienced… so she asked me to change to the way to extraction…  and 2 other doctor as supervisor push me the way too…I had no choice and she said ” 4 doctors telling you to extract, you should to accept, let’s do that I gave up and said yes forcibly.
She shot anesthesia 2 times, I felt it was really wrong place, and I told her that.( why she shot it on my cheek and far from the tooth)  I still feel well but the  bald supervisor / doctor   started  pull my teeth out WITHOUT anesthesia ..  it was incredibly hurt but he didn’t care, and tried to pinch my tooth with a nipper forcibly. But I was screaming of pain.

Then he said ” I can’t do that if you are screaming “So I asked them ” stop extraction” but I’ve got more pain with my tooth before I come to emergency and more lose my tooth either..”Oh no how I should do that??? “Then 3 rd Doctor approached me, he might be real doctor or senior. He shot 3 rd anesthesia in my gum directly finally and pulled my tooth in 2 second.

Still pain, swollen and other area I got wrong shot was also pain….
But they didn’t give me Any Pain Killer, any mouth wash, not enough antibiotic …
+ they throw  the pulled tooth of mine away to trash can in front of me, it makes feel more sad and  kinda rude to patient  I thought …Shreveport Bossier Family Dental Care

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