The Wedding Planning Institute Review


I attended the wedding planninginstitute and i finished all my classes and my projects. i had requested another instructor due topersonalreasonwith my mentor . my mentor graded proj1 all i was required to do is proj 2, 3 so idid them and submitted them and was graded. i was done . according tothem i cant get my certi because supposedly i didntmeet allrequirements there are no more classes or proj. so i started threatening to call the bbb and etc so then theysaid well because u didnt pay for ur course infull u cant get ur cert and theyblocked me from obtaining any information and they toldme my cert was onhold but ordered. what a rip off i am a mom of 5 who is trying to better herself andprovide for my family and ihave alow backinjury which prevents me from doing aloto f work and they denied me. i make 280 a mo to support 5 people whohas 1400. to shellout all at once

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