Term Masters Inc. Auburn California


Complaint: Bret Maddock, CEO of Term Masters Inc. in Auburn California hired me to do some contract work in 2013. I performed the work as requested. However, we never signed a contract because the job was very simple, straightforward, and we both agree on the terms via email. However, a month after he had paid me for the job, I received an email from Paypal (the company I used to process his payments) saying there was a dispute with the money he had paid me, and there was a chargeback being put on my account. I tried to fight the dispute in paypal, to no avail. I lost enough money in that one transaction so that I couldn’t pay my mortgage payment that month. I am now in personal banckruptcy because of Bret Maddock and his ridiculously greedy chargeback methods. Please, don’t do work for him unless it’s in a contract.

Tags: Bad Check Writers

Address: 13620 Lincoln Way # 340 Auburn, California USA


Phone: 5308887340

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