Tanner Transmissions, Inc. Review


Went to Certified Transmissions, now Tanners, last October and spent $5,000 to get transmission rebuilt. Came with a 5 year 100,000 mile warranty but only made it 2,800 and it went out again!! Had it towed to what I thought was certified but was now Tanners. They bought out Certified and even employ the owner from Certified, Larry Bloodworth, who is now Tanners “consumer advocate”!? Based on this I can almost guarantee if you have any problems, and you more than likely will, you will get the same treatment from these guys as I have. There is probably a good reason Bill Gephardt will not endorse these guys and if you look you will see many bad reviews from others who have had bad experiences from these guys as well as myslef. An attorney friend of mine is helping me to file a claim with the courts to get the justice I desereve and I will keep yopu all informed as to the results. For now I suggest considering other options for places to get you transmission serviced as this is a very costly repair and a warranty is only as good as the company. .

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