Superior Walls Bolton landing Ny


Complaint: Superior Walls installed our walls back in 2005 and 13 years later they are now pushing outward, pulling apart, and our floor slab is cracking from the weight of the walls. There is no frost wall, so with the cold, the walls are lifting up and down. you can literally put your hand underneath the wall. I called Superior Walls several times, and after a few calls have gotten the run around. They wont take ownership, blame it on the builder who installed, and we found out they are now out of business. They are making excuses as to why the issues are occuring and wont honor their warranty. Two contractors and a structural engineer later we are needing a new basement and walls, over $100,000.00. The best is their wesite where they state “A Foundation if Forever.”””

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Address: 7574 E Main St Lima, New York United States


Phone: (585) 624-9390

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