Super Shuttle DENVER Colorado


Complaint: Please do not do bussiness with this company, they are not serious, you will pay money in good faith and entrust them with your life and your property, all the while they make you sign terms and conditions in which they do not take any kind of responsibility for anything! They should be avoided! Get a cab, get an uber, rent a car to get to the airport, drive yourself and pay for parking, but avoid Super Shuttle! Read on for an example as to why. I was picked up to go to the airport at 3:30 AM for a 7:00 AM international flight. There was one other passenger in the van. The driver put my luggage in the trunk, then asked if she could use the bathroom. I let her into the apartment building, then showed her where the common room and restrooms were. 5 minutes later, we were on the road to the airport. We got to the airport, the other passenger got off first. When it was my stop, one of my suitcases was missing. When questioned, the driver maintained that she definitely put it in the trunk, and she definitely didn’t give it to the other passenger or put it on the curb at the airport. Her defense was that the doors to the trunk must have opened and my luggage must have fallen out. I proceeded to alert all the possible authorities (airport, police, road patrol etc.) and made the driver go back to the other terminal to verify the suitcase wasn’t at the curb, back to my apartment building to verify the suitcase was not left at the curb there, and back to the airport on the same route to check whether my suitcase wasn’t on the road somewhere. The suitcase is not found. Once back at the airport and after checking in for my flight, the Super Shuttle desk there was finally open (at 6:00 AM) and I went in to make a complaint. The person at the desk assured me that the driver was not allowed to leave the van unattended to go to the bathroom, much less with passengers inside, and that if my suitcase was stolen as a result of that, or through driver negligence fell out of the trunk, the company would reimburse me for my loss. I went on my trip, and used my layover times to follow up with the police, Super Shuttle (who merely filed a “lost and found”” case)

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Address: and my insurance company

Website: found a check in the mail from my insurance company for the loss minus the deductibe

Phone: who fortunately would reimburse me for my loss (minus a sizable deductibe

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