Sugar Mountain Resort Review


I went skiing at Sugar Mountain Resort in North Carolina on 1/26/17. I checked their website regarding the ski conditions and what ski runs were open on the 26th. I also checked by phone and because the conditions were iffy, I spoke with the person selling the lift tickets before paying. I was told the top of the mountain was open with some muddy conditions and that the runs North Ridge and Swicthback were open. | The conditions as you got off the lift was no snow, you had to push yourself 30 feet before you reached patches of snow, overall the two runs North Ridge and Switchback had about 10-15% snow on the slopes the rest was mud. At one point a ski patrolman and myself had to take off our skis and walk about 60 yards before we could find a minimal amount of snow to ski. I made the one run and went back to the lift ticket window to ask for a refund, they refused! They lied about the conditions at the top half of the mountain and it should have been closed. | I informed them that I have been sking for forty years on several continents and have never seen misrepresentation like this. I packed up and drove 2 1/2 hours home. If you think I’m exaggerating I have pictures to prove it.


  • Name: Sugar Mountain Resort
  • Country: United States
  • State: North Carolina
  • City: Sugar Mountain
  • Address: 1009 Sugar Mountain Dr
  • Phone: 828-898-4521
  • Website:

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