Storm8/Teamlava West Babylon New York


Complaint: February 2, 2018 Brenda A Castoro (((REDACTED))) Babylon, NY 11704 (((REDACTED))) [email protected] Re: HOME DESIGN STORY GAME APP OWNED BY STORM8/TEAMLAVA STORM8 (((REDACTED))) California 94065 (((REDACTED))) CEO- Perry Tam Secretary- Laura Yip Iu2019m filing a civil complaint of cyber crime, cyber bullying, unlawful in game activities, slander, and theft of in game gem purchases against the above named game app, and its owners, along with the following cyberbullies: Barb Kellogg (((REDACTED))) Whitby, Ontario Canada L1N 8R5 [email protected] (((REDACTED))) Paula Lackford Boddy Lives in UK All other contact info unk to me Maureen Kamp (Maus) Lives in Australia Queensland All other contact info unk to me Di Brett Lives in Australia All other contact info unk to me Francesca (?) Lives in San Diego, California Address unknown u202d(((REDACTED)))u202c Disconnected Iu2019ve been playing the above mentioned game app (Home Design Story owned by Storm8/Teamlava) since 2012… My game or home name at that time was Splendidlady… After playing this game for awhile, I became friends with another player on the game, the above mentioned Barb Kellogg… After getting to know each other on the game, Barb Kellogg posted her phone on my game wall… We spoke on the phone and also emailed each other… We spoke of some of our real life problems, etc…. I told her why I divorced my husband (because he had done the unspeakable to my youngest of 2 daughters) I told her how my daughter, that I was living with at that time was tearing me… At any rate, after awhile I began to realized that Barb Kellogg wasnu2019t of sound mind, so I ceased all communication with her… Once I stopped contact with her, the bullying began… I would get posts on my wall calling me a child molester, a pedophile… She was telling other players that I was in prison asking about another players daughter… The attacks against me were vile and disgusting… Various troll (bully) names were used:

Tags: Internet Fraud

Address: 2400 Bridge Pkwy Redwood City, California United States

Website: Home design sTory

Phone: 650-596-8600

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