Sterling House Cape Coral FL Review


My mom was there for a year. If you do not have a loved one close to watch out for them. stay away. The executive director and the health and wellness director are concerned about one thing MONEY. The overnight staff does not care and they are not certified to do anything. If your loved needs something overnight as simple as oxygen they will not get it and will be left gasping for air. They do not provide any special meals as a diabetic might need. My mom was fed a high card and regular sugar diet until her sugar was up to 500. I fought for months to get a good diet for my mom. I payed extra for a carb controlled diet. I was told that meant less food. So pay more for less food. Do not let them sell you on this place. what they tell you to get you to move in is all lies. Please believe me as I was there 3-4 hours a day and saw how they treat people. Tricia the ED did not even know people by name as did the health and wellness director Vanessa. it is all about money. If you move your loved one in there make sure you have your checkbook ready. They will not let them walk through the door without being paid in full. The first question they will ask is “how will you be paying”. They made me leave my mom in the hospital to run down there and pay the bill first. My mom passed April 21st and now they are telling me I owe them money from a year ago. A heartless bunch of money grubbing thieves. .

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