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Complaint: Greetings to the American people: We are the National Committee Against Judicial Corruption (NCAJC), and are asking you to join us in this fight to overturn and stop the State of Colorado’s Illegal Mandatory Parole Laws. We encourage you to stage protest at the Colorado State Capitol Building, as well as to write your representative in Washington and voice your concern with these illegal laws that place all of us at risk of having a future destroyed U.S. Constitution. This is a Petition to the Federal government of the United States as well as the Colorado State Governor and Legislature to issue an order to declare that the Colorado Mandatory Parole Act, Title 18-1.3-401, violates the “Separation of Powers”” provision of ArtIcle III of the Colorado Constitution and the United States Constitution and therefore

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Address: the sentencing of Mandatory Parole imposed upon the American people is an illegal and/or Unconstitutional Sentence. In support of such Relief

Website: in defense of the American people

Phone: we submit the following Claims and Arguments: CLAIM FOR RELIEF: We

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