Complaint: BUYER BEWARE – STAMPS.COM will defraud you, it’s only a matter of time. Read below to find out what they did to me, and what they will do to you whenever they are given the opportunity. I purchased postage through for a box I was sending to China (for about $210 US). I placed the label on the box and USPS came the next day to pick it up as usual. The following day USPS brings the package back with a sticker on it that says “RETURN TO SENDER – The mail piece exceeds the acceptable measurements of Priority Mail””. I went on to my software and submitted a refund request for the $210 in postage. A few days later I get an email that says my request for a refund was DENIED! I emailed and called to let them know denying my refund was unacceptable

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Address: as the package never went more than 10 miles from where it was picked up and I was being charged the full amount as if it were delivered to China! The postage to send this same package 10 miles from here is less than $20 USD. If they wanted to charge me anything

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Phone: the HONEST amount would be for the distance ACTUALLY traveled by the postal worker. But is neither honest or trustworthy. Instead they stated “”the mailpiece was scanned by USPS systems so your refund is denied””. After further protest I received an email from stating “” will assist you in submitting an exception request to the USPS. This process is not a guarantee of the refund being approved.”” And then went on to request the following documentation from me (which would take more than 1 hour to prepare): 1) A highly detailed letter of explanation outlining what happened. This should include dates and the reason why the request was not submitted within the required timeframe or why a refund could not be requested. 2) The physical postage indicia (or if there is not physical indicium: the print history with the specific prints indicated for postage that has a delivery confirmation number). The USPS would require the physical indicia unless there was a delivery confirmation number associated with the indicia. 3) Any additional relevant information (e.g. if you used printed labels to replace the ones being refunded

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