Some Italian Guy Review


Out for a walk Italian guy come up asking for directions to the airport and then go on about how he’s coming from a fashion show and had some stuff he didn’t want to be taxed on by the airport. So he showed me 3 jackets and how he would be losing money either way so why not just give them to someone but in exchange he wanted some money to get his kids some presents. So I thought I was helping someone out and getting a bargain. We went to an ATM and did the exchange but on the way I wanted to see his phone to send his number to my cellphone in case something was up or if he was a mugger. He seemed like a nice guy scarf italian accent tall brown skinned kind of thin but in the end I turned out to be the gullible and too trusting kind of person so he got away and I found out about the scam after I got home and did some research. Not sure if anything will come of this but I hope it’ll help someone. I would report the number to the police but I don’t know if police should be bothered with scams I guess I really paid for the educational experience of getting scammed, Live and Learn.

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