Silverleaf Resorts Dallas Texas Review


There is a definite need for a class action suit here. They are the worst kind of company. I don’t know how these people sleep at night. I understand everyone needs a job, and in this economy they can be hard to come by, but really…is it worth selling your soul to the devil. nWe were scammed in the same way as the others have mentioned. Lied to about what we were buying. The deception is not made apparent until after the 6 days you have to legally cancel the contract have passed. Only options are to default on the contract and have your credit ruined or continue to pay monthly for something that is NOTHING like it was represented. We feel like total fools and can’t afford to take vacations with our family because every month we have to pay for a timeshare that we can’t use.

1221 Riverbend Dr. Dallas, Texas United States of America



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