Sherry Waite California Review


This woman (Sherry Waite) listed our property for sale ($X00,000), then told us we had a buyer. She told us the buyer would only pay $X30,000 for our property. We eventually found out (at closing) that the buyer was actually our AGENT Sherry Waite. She attempted to but the property under the name of Shelby LLC. Although she was our agent (and supposedly expected to represent out best interest in obtaining the highest price) she maintained that the highest bid was $X,000, then attempted to buy the property herself at the lowest price she knew we could tolerate. If it was not for the fact that I am an attorney, I would not have discovered it was her buying her OWN listing. She paid off the loan for the property to buy our house, then took out a personal loan (with us) for $180,00 to pay off the balance. The instant we complained that she was defaulting on the loan she assured us that she would u201cattempt to continue to make paymentsu201d. What she was actually doing was milking the u201cstatute of limitationsu201d by begging us not to sue her. After she officially defaulted on the loan, we were forced into mediation. At mediation, she looked us in the face and said u201cyou people missed the opportunity to sue meu201d and we had to settle for much less than the $180,000 that she owed us. Her broker (California Prudential Realty [now Berkshire Hathaway]) paid part of her default and never so much as slapped her on the wrist. Berkshire Hathaway knowingly employs Sherry Waite knowing that they had to pay $30,000 to satisfy her claim. I am an attorney and I still got screwed by this woman. Do NOT do business with this woman in any way. Do not list your property with her. Do not rent from this woman. Have nothing to do with her in any way. If I (as an attorney) got screwed by her what chance will YOU have? Her is my case information:

3792 Vista Pointe Bonita, California USA

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