Seth E. Lobdell


In the broadest terms, my practice centers on the idea of helping you to establish or restore greater authenticity–a more authentic voice, space of desire and trajectory of drive/motivation. This can be addressed through more short-term approaches that focus primarily on the present, or a deeper approach that considers and works through past experiences as they inevitably impact the present in ways not always available to consciousness. By uncovering these occluded forces left over from the past and lingering in the present, you will be able to develop broader insight and live more fully with greater intention.With an extensive academic background in the Humanities and theoretical psychoanalysis, I first began my clinical training in Paris. After completing my doctorate, I pursued four years of psychoanalytic training in NYC and more recently relocated to South Florida where I obtained a third master’s degree for state licensure. I am President-elect of SEFAPP.I have vast clinical experience treating depression, anxiety, personality disorders, bipolar disorders and schizophrenia, as well as everyday neurosis and life adjustments. Regardless of symptom or diagnosis, the single most import factor in determining a positive outcome for therapy is the rapport we will develop based on trust and acceptance.

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