Sears, Roebuck And Co. Olathe Kansas Review


Our dishwasher stopped functioning correctly on 11/23/09, and starting on 11/25/09 we began to shop for a new one knowing that Sears was running a sale on Kenmore’s on Black Friday. We decided between two Kemore models on 11/25, one in particular being item # 13189. I spoke to the sales person, I think his name was Dwayne, who told us this model would be marked down from approximately $1100 to $820, and that the Elite models had a full rebate on installation. We weighed our options and decided that the Kenmore Elite would be the best investment of the two products, and I asked the sales associate how many were currently available in stock as to make sure we would be able to purchase one on Black Friday. The sales associate advised us that Sears does not have appliances located on premise and he could not tell us how many were in stock. With that being said, I thought, and said to the sales associate, that Sears would adequately stock this item as to project the type of response you would have to the advertising of this product. Dwayne stated (our sales rep), that he would be in at 10 p.m. on Friday and we decided to come back on Black Friday in order to purchase the product. We arrived at Sears, on Black Friday, at approximately 11 p.m. in order to complete the transaction. Upon walking into the store we found that the dishwasher was not marked down to $820, but approximately $649 (at first the additional discount made us happy). When Dwayne began to submit our order we found that the item was no completely out of stock. I was more than disappointed for several reasons: 1) We were told the wrong sales price, and if we had been told the correct one we would have shown up at the store earlier because a 40% discount would make me believe the appliance would sell out faster 2) This is not the first time I have had this happen with Sears, and have been told by previous Sears employees that Sears notoriously does this to customers, or runs big ad’s on items that they do not have a good quantity in stock, then the employees switch the customer to another item (as far as a am concerned this is bait and switch). I’ve taken law coursework in college, and I am well aware that when an ad is run that the business needs to anticipate response and keep enough in stock, or I would think relay to the public how many they have available (typically via advertising) and most will at least let the customer know how many are available through the warehouse. I would also think if they had limited numbers in stock this amount would be advertised, and with this deep of a discount they would limit the amount of purchases per customer in order to keep builders and investment property owners from coming in and buying huge quantities for their properties. This was not the case, and as I said I had this happen before when doing business with Sears several years prior to this and at that time I did not know of this regulation when it comes to advertising a product (although the sales rep at the time that sold me my Kenmore washer and dryer several years prior alluded to this advertising regulation, and said Sears notoriously advertises a product heavily and keeps about 12 in stock so the sales rep upgraded me another model for the same price as the initial one I wanted). I would imagine she did this in order to avert an AA and BBB complaint. I asked to speak to a store manager on Black Friday, and waited for about 10 minutes for one to show up. While waiting, I decided to write down the details of the model as to have all the pertinent information for the attorney general and BBB report I planned to file. As I was attempting to write down the information a female sales person came over to the item, and proceeded to attempt to walk away with the information I was writing down. I stopped her and told her I needed the information on the paper she was taking away, and she curtly replied “this item is sold out”” as if taking away that information was going to make a difference considering previous paperwork about prices

as well as the model number were still there (example

item #13189 listed at $749

another behind it at $849

etc). I personally think she was taking it away because the store did not want me to write down the needed information

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