Sann Johnson – There is crazy that’s good and then there is my psycho ex! Wyoming


This little girl will sleep with anything with a penis. Trust me, I’m her ex. She has 5 kids by different dad’s with the 6th one on the way. She has claimed rape with these last two babies, yet tells everyone different stories to manipulate them. She is neglectful of her kids and they eat cereal for pretty much every meal. She claims she works at home yet puts her kids in daycare. All on your tax dollars. She gets help from everyone in her community and is currently sucking the Mormon church for everything they can do for her. Her home is possibly the nastiest home I have ever seen. She constantly needs attention in and form she can get and is a narcissistic sociopath that will use anyone and anything. She has went to people’s jobs trying to get them fired if they oppose her or try and call her out. She already had one baby die of neglect yet can’t change herself to be a good mom. When I was with her I pretty much took care of all the kids. She spends alot of time trying to get her next hookup because she is a sloot and tries to get with anyone. She will ask for stuff on the internet then turn around and sale it the next week. She refuses to work. Told me that straight up. She doesn’t like to work and won’t. She’s hooked up with multiple married and taken men in the last 5 years. Warning men. Stay away from this loony tune. Unless you want to be accused of rape.

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