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Complaint: I worked For Ryder Trs/via Storage usa in Oklahoma and was fired pecause we made to much money on the trucks and they do not like that so we where fired.So I went to work for Budget Which owns Ryder TRS and I was yelled at by the super viser and even called names. I tryed to talk to him and he said if I did not like it I could hit the road they did not have time for complaints. I went to his boss which is what I was instructed to do when I began Employment with the company was if you could not solve the problem with emediate supervisor go to his boss that was the general rule. So I did so when he got out of line, Then he came to me the next day and asked me just what the hell is youre problem he said I told you to hit the road if you didnt like it so get youre a*s out of here.So I emediatley went to the pay phone down the road and called the District Manager he told me there is nothing He could do at that time I was a new employee and I should find another job he was not abble to give me my job back pecause that would just make him madder and he had no other positions and I was to new to file unemployment on the company so he said have a nice day and ended the call. real profesional company huh. They also never hardly tried to get trucks for rentals under $1,000 dollars they told us it was not worth it to get the trucks and to use them on the BIG rentals.But we where not alowed to call the customer to let them know we did not have there truck. They said there may be a larger rental cancel and if it does give them the canceled truck dont go out of youre way to get one or you will not get paid. The small rentals are not important. Go after the big ones. We said what do you do if the customer comes and sees the truck setting on the lot? they told us tell them that it is rented we dont care give them the 1800# thats what they are there for is to handle customers I always thought they were there for customer service. I once had a realy nice woman that came in to rent a truck she told us she was moving back to Maryland to wait on a heart transplant she was in bad health and needed to know for sure the truck would be available she had movers and could only pay for one day for there help.I wanted to tell her to run find another company that would not do you wrong but my District Manager was in my office at that time.She came back a few months later to pick up her reserved truck from me and I could not get ti for her they made her take a smaller truck instead for the same price she loaded the truck and it was slightly over loaded and it was old anyway so it started to road walk real bad on her so she brought the truck to us hoping we could help her they told me al;l that I could do is to get her the larger truck and charge her $300.00 dollars more. I told them that was wrong she had already paid for the larger truck to begin with they told me she should pay for that or the repairs on the truck she was in So I lied to them and told them she had paid it and to bring me a truck they said it would be there in 30 to 45 minutes. I told them the ladies condition and told them we needed it soon she could not wait,These people made this laddy wait three days on a larger truck plus was going to charge her $300.00 more for the larger truck plus 3 days for the smaller truck I had to pay the $300.00 out of my own pocket pecause Ryder TRS/Budget are a bunch of money hungry ruthless thugs that do not care about anyone but there selves and no one else. This is just one case In the two years as a Ryder Dealer things like this happened every day of the week and they dont even care who gets hurt.DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES USE RYDER TRS OR BUDGET CAR AND TRUCK RENTAL there are to many other rental companies out there to use. JOHN OKLAHOMA CITY, Oklahoma

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Address: South Meridian Off Airport OKC Oklahoma City, Oklahoma U.S.A.


Phone: 405-682-1475

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