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Complaint: Review of Ryan Russman from Exeter New Hampshire. I was arrested for dwi, I passed the ests but was still arrested. I knew I was not guilty and wouldn’t give a breath test because it would just say I was drunk. I only had a couple of beers and it didnt effect me. i went to the arraignment and the cop said he would drop the 6 month license loss if i just plead guilty to the minimums on a first offense dwi. I couldnt afford to lose my license or else I would lose my job. I heard on the radio about Ryan Russman so I gave him a call. He said I had a good case and he could probably get me found not guilty but it would cost me at least $5000. I had to take out a 2nd mortgage to pay him. When we showed up on the day of trial he was really unprepared. After I paid him I didn’t have hardly any contact with him, just a secretary. He didn’t return calls. I was guilty and it was the worst experience of my life. I would have been better off just pleaing guiltly without hiring him and I would have only lost my license for 90 days instead of a year and saved myself thousands of dollars. Save your money and don’t hire people you only know about from the radio.

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Address: 14 center st exeter, New Hampshire United States of America



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