Rori Raye Barrie Ontario


Complaint: I bought the video “Toxic Men’ for $200 bucks. What a complete mistake. She’s a former victim / winer herself and it’s not geared towards finding out about toxic men and how to handle them so much as it is

Tags: Corrupt Companies

Address: to help unempowered weak women help themselves. A complete waste of time for an already strong empowered woman with a good heart. It’s a taped seminar she once held and is selling over and over for a hefty fee. A glaring problem is that in the seminar

Website: or toxic and you should leave. She says she’ll help you after this point figure out what to do next

Phone: she uses lots of handouts and questions you answer but in the version you buy there are no questions or handsouts and it’s edited past this point… in the first half i found 1 minute useful. THat’s it. And it was what I already knew. What category your guy falls into…. good guy who makes mistakes

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