Richard Catti Queens New York


Complaint: Archives: Washington D.C. Archives: Long Island , New York 03/01/ 2005Catti, Richard Public Records It is often said that in order to beat your advisory, it is best to fully know, understand and comprehend what you are facing in any battle . The credentials on Richard Catti is a vast array of associating himself with the best minds that surround him and he will destroy you in the long run. Catti is a battled hardened, ” mtake no survivors “” individual who will leave NO STONE unturned in bringing you to justice to face the barrage of assaults coming at you from “” every angle”” you could possibly imagine in exposing you to the Government

Tags: Federal Government

Address: the State

Website: and if necessary will bury you in defending yourself on matters of crimna wrong doins

Phone: the local authorities and still even HIGHER authorities in both Washington D.C. and Congressional

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