Rene Cruz – Houston, Texas Texas


This woman needs to be avoided at all costs so please stay away from her. She uses every man she gets with to try and get ahead in life. She even married an Arab so he could get his citizenship for money. She currently has 4 kids by 4 different men and still sleeps with 2 of them, and the other 2 baby daddies are in jail or prison so she sleeps with their brother or family members instead! She was also messing with a guy from the Katy area she met on Facebook! She was about 3 months pregnant with “MY BABY” and got an ABORTION on January 27, 2017….which is actually her second time getting one! All because I called off our engagement like the previous guy did. She’s nasty, a horrible mom & a liar who lies about everything! She’s also an addict and an alcoholic and she’ll sleep with anyone and their brother! Please beware of this worthless MURDERING WHORE in the Houston, Katy or Waller area.

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