Reimage PC Windows Repair bait and switch scam Dallas / Fort Worth Texas


Complaint: While on a Microsoft Windows page, this free offer from Reimageplus poppped up offering to check the quality of my computer operating on Windows 10. I told the lady I had a dinner appointment and would she mind calling back in two hours. She said she would. Her name was Viviette. She didn’t keep her promise. The confirmation receipt said they would 1. Complete the initial PC scan. 2.Activate your license key (which was not provided, forcing me to call and listen to at least an hour of crap from boiler room scam artist Xander. 3. After entering my license key, the repair will begin. To the best of my knowledge, no repair can be detected and Reimage may have done anything while they had control of my computer. Now, I don’t know about you, but when I do business with a person or company, I expect to be dealing with someone worthy of my TRUST. I expect Honesty. I expect them to tell the truth. I expect them to be Transparent and open about what they are doing for ME. I expect them to honor their promises. I expect them to be responsive, professional and act in good faith. I expect them to safeguard privacy. I expect them to embody integrity. I dont know if Microsoft is involved at all – it might have just popped up on their site. AT&T would probably do anything to sell out America for a buck, based on my experience and opinion – but I don’t know for sure if they are involved. After all this, sales scammer Xander said their program couldn’t do anything for me, but their certified Philippine Windows engineers could repair my computeer by hand for a one time fee of $500. Be very careful about this Windows certified PC scammer.

Tags: Computer Service & Repair

Address: Philippines


Phone: 1-888-802-4497

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