Ramada Inn Portland Colorado Review


I wish that I had only rave reviews for this hotel, but sadly we had a very unpleasant experience during our stay. To start with, the rollaway bed that we were given was in horrific shape. There was absolutely no cushioning whatsoever and all you could feel were the metal springs. It was bad enough they made us carry it ourselves up the stairs, since the elevator was broken, we also had to carry it back down to the lobby to get a better one since this was not fit for sleeping. Their best answer was to check into another hotel, but with it being 1 a.m., that was not an option. It was their only solution to this issue. We also expressed that the phone did not work in the room and that we needed one. This caused us to not set up our transportation correctly, as we could not call the shuttle service at all. It was only much later in the evening that they brought us a new phone, but by that time it was too late to call anyone. When they dropped off the phone, we asked if they’d provide us with some towels. In which he did not respond and simply walked away. We asked if he was bringing the towels, and again he did not respond. I asked, “Are you ignoring us?”” He responded with

“”Absolutely””. There was no point in continuing to deal with this night manager

so we went on to discuss the lack of good service to the General Manager

Jarvis Melton. We asked him to make this right for us

and that we’d like this to be done within a 24 hour period. Because we were booked to stay there another night

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