Quality One Exteriors LLC Ohio Review


This company claimed to hire people fairly, treat everyone with respect and give everyone an equal playing field.. That is until the Owner Gavin Whitt decides he wants more money. He will lie, cheat, alter documents, threaten and steal to get what he wants. THIS MAN IS A SNAKE AND HE HAS TRIED TO TRAIN HIS PEOPLE TO BE SNAKES AND LIARS AS WELL. He has practiced living off the misery of others in the guise of being helpful in their time of need. His company Quality One Exteriors, LLC does not hire the best as they claim, some of their sub contract workers are randomly found companies with the best price, in some cases never even requiring some kind of portfolio to have them working on un-suspecting clients homes. Training their salespeople to always tell the client these guys are the best, been using them for years, etc, etc. As for an employer Mr. Whitt believes he has “beaten the system”” in hiring Sub Contractors but forcing them to work and act as full time employees without any kind of required benefits. He has effectively stolen from every salesperson he has “”contracted”” to the date of this writing and the authors knowledge

and lord only knows how many he has threatened and “”terminated”” only for them to find out that the “”full payment”” promised will be less than half with addtional charges included and additional deductions. Any and all communication or discussion will be met with a “”I am not speaking on this”” attitude

threats of lawyers and verbal abuse. Quality One Exteriors Cannot and SHOULD not be trusted with your most valueable assets

your home and your time. If they have lured you in with the promise of work hard and you will be rewarded DO NOT BE FOOLED. At the last second all of your hard work and loyalty will be turned on you and you will be left in the cold with nothing. Do not trust anyone associated with Quality One Exteriors. They will smile to your face an hold a dagger of lies behind their backs.”

Nationwide USA

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