QC Holdings – Investigations Unit Review


I received a call from 850-213-2053, a recorded message, that my phone number and Social Security number was connected with a debt and an impending court action against me. To talk with an investigator, press any key on my phone. I did, and the call went dead. I then called the number back and said their automated system was designed to make calls to persons not on probation or parole for fraud. "Susan" answered the call, stating she was a legal secretary to investigator/attorney Taylor. She said they were working on my case, and I had received a summons in the mail that I had ignored. She stated I owed $425 and wanted to know how I wanted to take care of the debt. I asked her to send me some documentation of the debt I owed to their supposed client QC Holdings. I stated if I had a legitimate debt, I was interested in settling it, but I was not prepared to pay anything today. She stated they last tried to collect the debt in 2013, but my check was rejected by the bank. That made no sense to me, because I remembered nothing about any such debt because the bank rejected my account. She asked me to hold, while she transferred me the processing department, so I could make arrangements to pay the debt. Eventually, another woman came on the line, and said she understood I was prepared to make a payment of $425. I assured her I had said no such thing. Then she wanted to set up payments of $141 a month. I stated I would need to have some more information about this supposed debt I owed. Then she told me she was able to offer a minimum of $150 to be paid in December and then for the subsequent payments in following months. I was more and more suspicious. I said if the debt was valid, I would willing to pay in installments. The person said she would have to transfer me back to Susan to see what she wanted to do, since I was not going to pay today. Susan didn’t answer her phone, so the person said she would have to call me back. She never did.I then called Q.C. Holdings, whose corporate office is in Lenexa, Kansas. They assured me I owed them nothing. If I did have a debt with them, it would be their corporate office contacting me, and not some third party debt collection service.

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