I worked with Paul and Chris for two months for $50/month. They helped me set up a blogging system. I was pleased after two months and agreed to “upgrade” my service for a $500 one time fee. For this fee, I was told I would receive further services that will upgrade my blogging system so that it will remain at the top of Google and will generate more business than I “could imagine”. After working with them for two months, I was really excited and had no problem paying the $500. Almost immediately, Paul was no longer answering my calls or texts – for two months. Chris would “skirt” around setting up a phone meeting as he does not live locally near me like Paul did. After endless calls, emails and texts, Chris finally called me back and told me he does not have my money and that a company called “Empower Network” has it and that I need to call them. I call Empower Network and they confirm that Prostar Profits is a member of their multi level marketing program and because I am past due the 14 grace period, I am not entitled to my refund. I also came to understand that members who sell Empower Network packages receive a 100% commission once they are on a certain level – which apparently, Prostar Profits is on. At no point in time did Chris or Paul inform me of their involvement (or my involvement) with Empower Network. They now, no longer acknowledge or answer any of my calls or texts. Empower Network also assumes no accountability for the actions of their members. These people scammed me of $500 and I have no one to help me.. I demand Full money back. I don’t recommend them

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