prodege llc Review


the scam type can also be online shopping and sweepstakes and lottery.a few months ago (about June) I tried out their site , I spent many many hours! on there to earn points so I can get gift cards. It was a little over a month when I decided to get a card and used my points/credits choosing an Amazon $25 code. they asked for my home address since it was my first card in order to "confirm" I was a real person or something. so I did this and the next day I found my account deactivated. I try writing them to find out why and I only got a robotic response from them and never heard from them again. So they got my information for free. I found a blog about swagbucks and many people have gone through the same and some being asked for some sensitive information just to confirm they are who they are.This is where it really gets to me is this company as of Apirl of 2016 bought the website I have been a member of this site since April 2002. Never really had big problems until now. This company prodege llc comes in saying oh we are not going to change anything the site is going to run as before with "more point earning opportunities". It seemed to hold true until the past couple of days. They made it into clone/hybrid of and mypoints. The surveys, Search engine, Video sites and they stopped sending e-mail promotions which Mypoints has done since I started. Now they even have the same video playlists as had months ago when I tried them out(and same issues).The Mypoints videos system from before was functional and relevant to my interests. I could chose a video I was interested in the videos would work and I would get a point per video watched( you could watch up to 75 a day).This is where the problem is on their video site they promise you can earn up to 500 points. But much like the rigged carnival games to win cheap prizes. They have rigged it so it is impossible to get even 100 point it toke me me all of yesterday from morning to almost about 10pm to get 70 points with their video system just so could get enough points to get a card and finish with them(now remember this last part I’ll refer to it later).This is what they do they ask you to watch 20 videos for 6 points 15 videos for 4 points and 6 videos for 2 points.(with varying lengths from 5 min to 24 hours)it can say there is 50 mins of video for 20 videos but it seams to take about a minute load the next video on the list so there is 20 minutes taken up plus the occasional ads. So almost double the time.the other thing they do is where you can be watching a video play list and you can be half way through and a video will be un-available this means you will not earn points for watching the other videos. I tried telling them about the problem when i was on swagebucks and no answer and no change were made And now they are plaguing with the same video system which you can see in the screen shot.They are miss leading people into spending time on their sites’ and falling short on what was promised. like how I fallowed swagebucks rules wasted all this time and then they got my information for free because they deactivated my account that is why it is identity some of the surveys offered on there sites’ ask for banking information which I would never dare do but feel sorry for those which do not knowing the possible harm.And twice they have done this to me. Not to sound paranoid but I literally think they are watching me because twice they have done this to me. let me explain yesterday I looked at the gift cards available because I was wanting to get out of their program. There they had Amazon gift codes available, this being yesterday 9/29/2016. Today, now that I had the points to get an $25 amazon code. But they were not there and this is not the first time they did this to me either. In fact the last time I want to get an Amazon code I checked the price and the next day it was gone when I had the points for it. That time I waited a few days to see it come back but did not so I got a Sam’s club card and what happened the next day Amazon gift codes were available again. I after the first time I would check everyday to see if Amazon was there which it was. The timing is a little suspicious to me.They are miss leading in their promotions and find every way they can to get your information for free(like they do with Swagebucks). I have been apart of mypoints for for little over 14 years and this company prodege comes in and buys the site and acts as a criminal entity stealing your information.

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