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Complaint: BEWARE: DO NOT HIRE THESE PAINTERS! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED My general contractor hired these painters to do some work at my new home. It’s basically a father and son operation. They did not complete the work they were hired to do. Of course, they had every excuse for not returning to finish the job. They wanted to be paid, but they botched the job. The father/owner, Girard, is good at not accepting responsibility and blaming everyone else. They also took some shelves from my home to be painted off-site. They had them for months and I heard every excuse why they were not returned. My favorite was that they were scratched after they had finished them so they were going to redo the paint. All B.S. The owner never return them to me so he’s not only a liar, he’s also a thief. The final straw was when they backed their company van that the son was driving into my mother’s car in my driveway. $1750 worth of damage. The owner told me not to worry, his son would take care of it. The owner didn’t want to turn a claim in on his insurance, so he agreed to pay cash directly to the body shop. Needless to say, I tried to chase down the son for weeks without a response. Their solution to a problem is to not answer their phone hoping you’ll just go away. I had to hire an attorney to get Girard to pay for the damage to my mother’s car. His excuse this time was that no one ever called him. Priceless! I hope he will read this and take a long ,hard look in the mirror. This is the digital age. You can’t screw someone over and get away with it.

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Address: 4950 Richard St Unit 37 Jacksonville, Florida US Jacksonville, Florida United States


Phone: 904-517-2492

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