Phoenix Custom Apparel berlin New Jersey Review


An order for a drivers suit and team uniforms was made with a company that is supposed to be pretty decent. The reason is they have a few bigger name companies that they produce uniforms for. When I ordered them, I gave the sponsors web address three time and it was on the reply to my emails as well. THEY STIIL SPELLED IT WRONG. nWhen I tried on the $758.00 dollar driver uniform, it was a joke. The pants were a size 46 and I were a 36. The jacket was just ok. I was told that the jacket would have my name stitched into it with driver aboe. Not there. Same with a “crew”” shirt. nMy name was there nothing else. It was supposed to be shipped no later then the 20th of March and received in about 3 days. It actually came the afternoon of April 1st at the end of the race for the day. The uniforms were ordered for the sponsor and REALLY needed at this

the sponsors home track race. Eric Cody of Phone Custom Apparel asked why no email complaint was made. nBottom Line is they all want MORE money for fixing their screw ups. They always tell you differently but

in the years I have been doing this

it is always a lie on the phone and then they will not send it back unless you send the money. nLike this order

it had to be paid 100% in full befor they shipped even ONE sample shirt. So your screwed if it is wrong. I got the shaft and this report is to hopefully stop ONE other budget racer or team from getting it also. By the way

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