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I bought a new Subaru from Autonation (formerly Go) Subaru in Greenwood Village, Colorado, in 2011. As we were finalizing the paper work, the salesperson asked if I wanted to add a warranty for $475- I was told this would cover up to FIVE windsheld repairs for the next FIVE years. It seemed like a very good idea, and so I accepted. Fast forward five years- I got a rock to the windshield, and naturally the crack spread as the snow fell. Today, I called the Subaru dealership and asked them to replace my windshield and was told that they contract this service through a company called PermaPlate. OK, I thought- not the best name for a company but as long as they fulfill the contract for which I paid FOUR HUNDRED SEVENTY FIVE US DOLLARS, then great. I called the customer service line given to me by the Subaru dealer for PermaPlate. A girl who sounded about 18 answered the phone and added 5 letters to my name when trying to repeat it back to me. OK, so they didn’t splurge for the best and brightest for their customer service reps, but again- as long as they replace my windshield for which I paid FOUR HUNDRED SEVENTY FIVE US DOLLARS in 2011 then I’m happy. The girl on the phone asked me two or three questions; “Where’s the crack?”, she asked. “Above the passenger side portion of the windshield”, I answered. “Can you describe the crack?” “Well, I think that a rock hit my windshield while I was driving and then the crack spread across the driver’s side portion of the windshield.” “When did you first notice the crack?” “I’m not sure- maybe a month ago.” “OK. We’ll be in touch.” “Can I schedule a time to come have my windshield repaired?”, I asked. “No, we’ll send you an email with details.” “OK”, I said. This evening, I get a one sentence-email from PermaPlate. “The resolution of our claim is attached.” I open the PDF document, and they say that my claim is denied because I did not report the windshield damage soon enough. Have a nice day, SUCKA!!! Needless to say, this company is a scam, from start to finish. Looking at their website convinces me that their CEO, Willard Nisson, probably got his picture snapped while typing up an email letting one of his “customers” aka “victims” know that yes, he is happy to have their money in his pocket, and no- you will not receive anything in return. This is an absolute joke, especially since I don’t know when the damage first appeared on my windshield. It could have been a week ago, two weeks ago, a month ago, two months ago; I honestly do not remember. PermaPlate’s entire business model centers around taking people’s money knowing that by the time they report their windshield damage, there is a 99% chance they’ll be able to avoid providing any sort of service. I’ve never felt as scammed in my life as I do by PermaPlate. A horrible experience, from the moment I attempted to spell my name to the “customer service rep” on the phone to the moment I received their utterly insensitive, unprofessional email with the “resolution of my claim”. .

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