Pawtuckett On the Green Review


Pawtuckett On the Green in Charlotte, NC will nothonor the cotractural obligations as defined in the covenant bylaws. The common ground us in disrepair, theteate numerous plumbing problems, and mold. Homeowner are. notable obtain the book and have not been granted aidit. Home owners fees atestirctly inforved but not used for the benefit of the community. Homeowner are denied voting rights to elect new board members. Douglas Burnette the treasurer on the HOA jas froclosed on long timeresidents and homeowners and profitted by buying their homes when his home owners fees where not paid. Steve Highes the President of the HOA refuses to give out a contact phone number to fullfill his duties. Forms of intemidation and neglect of propertare uilized on homeowners the pooland the tennis court are in bad repair. Siding is falling off the buildibg sbd steps ate broken It is rumoured thatDoug Burnett allegedly burned a building down and collectedcøose to a million dollars in insurance money. | Ironicslly Steve Hughes a few yearsearlier had a similar payout on a buøiding that caaght fire.Most people in the community cannot get a mortgage on their home because the building wont pass code. Homeowners have contacted media outlets with no avail. The police department has not been helpful with helping residents or homeowners. HOA takes the owners money and wont abide by any of the bylaws. Tje bookkeeper has a high dchool diploma Rebbe cca Locklear who eorks for Wells Fidelity Oakdale branch inChsrøotte NC. Which is a company that prepares taxes and was raided by the IRS in a federal indictment for fraud in 2015. Rebecca Locklear is not bonded and does not have licensed business. She claims to be a CPA and be a SenoirFinancisl Analyst which a complete lie. Sge bsrley has s high school diploma. Homeowners are uncomfortable with the fact s of her background and question her integrity.


  • Name: Pawtuckett On the Green
  • Country: United States
  • State: North Carolina
  • City: Charlotte
  • Address: 9120 Spyglass Pl
  • Phone: 704-277-1034
  • Website:

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