Parkridge Management Subway/misty Underwood orlando Florida


Complaint: report being filed against the ‘parkridge management subway’…run by the district manager a psychopath by the name of misty underwood. after being harassed and yelled at by a subway loaction 10165 university blvd, by the manager there twice, abusde and mistreated, after a sub was made incorrectly 4-5 times, then being given the sandwich for free, customer came in to receive a free sub that was supposed to be comped previously. When customer came into the store, she was harassed and yelled at by the manager twice at that point, and threatened to have the police called on her for ‘stealing a sub.’ The first time the customer left in tears after not being treated well by an employee and a customer who made a rude comment to her. Now this customer has been harassed and picked on twice at this point by a blonde haired manager at the 10165 university blvd location. This is a regular customer of subway who goes there very often. After having to go through the hellish ordeal of twice harassment, the customer went into the subway store of district manager ‘misty underwood’ located in front of the ucf area. When going into that store, the customer was buying a sub and then encountered the ‘same’ manager from the previous store who had yelled at and harassed her. Customer was shocked to even encounter the psychopath against who she had hoped she would never encounter in her life, yet she was there waving her hands at her and getting up in her in an intimidating manner.. The manager waved “WELCOME TO SUBAWY”” to the customer then walked up to her and stood next to her. The customer was very upset at this point havnig to encounter this person who she had already been yelled at by twice and now being intimiated and bullied by. The customer left that store. Customer went back into the same store to purchase a sub and was then told by the employees that she was not allowed to purchase a sub at the store until she called the manager ‘misty underwood’ for absolutely no reason at this point

Tags: Restaurants

Address: except the blonde haired psychopath who had already now bothered her 3 times

Website: the fact that the manager who had yelled at her twice now

Phone: was seemingly intimidating and almost now stalking her at stores or happened to be there and trash talking her. Customer called corporate at this ponit to report harassment and feeling of being threatened/intimidated

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